Wednesday, November 12, 2014

July 4th Parade on Lido Isle

It was a beautiful Friday morning on Lido Isle in Newport Beach and also the 4th of July.  The Fire Department Hook and Ladder lead off the event.  You know if they have to go to a fire, all they have to do is put the pedal to the metal. That's the reason they need to be in front.  Secondly the Boy Scouts are marching in formation with the American Flag.  Thirdly comes the band with fife and drum to make a BIG NOISE.  Then we have the March-Mellows, a group of ladies from the Island all dressed up in white and each carrying an umbrella.  The March-Mellows were also in formation.  Then came the veterans.  We had veterans as far back as World War II with signs on the side of their favorite toys (Hot Cars, convertibles, motorcycles, and race cars that normally do not  drive on streets).  And , of course all the neighborhood kids were following along with decorated bikes and wagons but they weren't as organized as the Boy Scouts and March-Mellows.  We marched around the island, which is about 2 miles, once and then went to the next party.  Lots of FUN with FUN people to celebrate our great nation.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

TEXAS TENORS with the Desert Symphony. 4/10/14.

This concert is in their 25 Celebration series.
We are very happy to have been part of the Desert Symphony for this entire quarter century.  The TEXAS TENORS sing everything from country to classics, and have performed around the world.  They gave the evening a special country flair.

You might know David Hasselhoff from Baywatch on TV.  He came to the concert unannounced, and was so inspired that he requested to join the tenors on stage.  He did great.   In Europe Mr Hasselhoff is known as an accomplished singer, not as an actor.  His performance was a happy addition to an already excellent concert.

This is one of the continuing adventures of AFG Music's live performances.  For more about our appearances, and all our services, go to  We hope to see you live and in person soon -at the shop or making music at your event.